2010 election prognostication

Pounding a stake in the sand with my crystal balls.
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California 2010 Election Voter Guide

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Thieves in High Places: Rick Perry’s Cronies Rake Off Teacher Retirement $

It’s no secret I support Bill White for Texas. I saw what Mayor White did
for Houston and for storm refugees from New Orleans during Katrina and Rita. As if Rick Perry’s shenanigans with political supporters as college trustees weren’t enough, now comes news that he’s also installed cronies to run the Teacher Retirement System in Texas
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Texas’ Papers Endorse Bill White

Texas’ major newspapers, from Dallas to Houston, from San Antonio to Amarillo, from San Angelo to Corpus Christi, from Galveston to Lubbock, have endorsed Bill White in his race against Rick Perry. They cite Bill White’s mayoral leadership, crisis response,business background, energy experience, and pragmatism, as well as his commitment to open government and education. More clearly still, they argue that Rick Perry’s entrenched position, sense of entitlement, and refusal to debate or answer questions, not to mention his combative attitude, make him unfit for the state’s highest office.

Chemical Spill Threatens Danube

This happened Monday in Hungary; it’s threatening the Danube. An aluminum plant’s sludge containment levee gave way under heavy rains; several people have died, several others are missing, and 7,000 are at risk — not to mention another nation’s drinking water.

Sacramento River Estuary: California Waters Fate a State Secret?

I’m not nearly familiar enough with the issues of water in California. I read Cadillac Desert a few years ago and I know the Colorado doesn’t get to Baja anymore. But this report I found at DKos today disturbs me because it appears to be a star-chamber to decide the fate of water from the Sacramento River Estuary.

Counting Down the Days

Here in Texas we have three statewide races that could make a huge difference in how people are treated over the next four years. The Governor’s race almost explains itself; there’s Bill White, and Rick Perry to choose from, despite the nearly 5% that libertarians are said to draw. There’s also the Lt. Gov. race — and Linda Chavez Thompson is pro-labor. Then there’s Hank Gilbert, who wants to run the Texas Department of Agriculture the way it ought to be Continue reading

Bill White Leading Governor’s Race Among Pro-America Texans

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Not the Ends of the Tunnels, But You Can SEE the Lights

from here, I reckon. US Combat troops have departed Iraq.
But maybe the light at the end of this tunnel won’t turn out to be an oncoming train after all. Meanwhile, a mile under the Gulf, BP is messing with the capping stack on that well again. If you’re into prayers, a plea to your particular deities that they don’t blow the thing wide open again wouldn’t be amiss, methinks.

explosions in Baghdad

The beginning

I”ve spent a pretty emotionally overloaded evening watching Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel covering the withdrawal of the last full US Combat Brigade from Iraq tonight. There are 6,000 combat troops left in the country, through 30 AUG 10, and 50,000 will remain as advisors and assistants, in a training role, through the end of 2011. Rachel Maddow — winner of the Cronkite Award! — has never struck me as more beautiful, despite clearly being exhausted, as Continue reading

BP to Abandon Killbore on Gulf Blowout?

Bob Cavnar thinks they might try this. If so, they are even lower than I thought they were, which is well below a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.
Apparently Admiral Thad Allen is not pleased at hearing from BP that this is what they want to do. The moneygrubbing, worker-murdering, pollution-spewing company is running pressure tests to see if they can get away with not killing this well. Should President Obama let them do that I’ll be leading the charge to impeach him.