Not the Country I Put on a Uniform For

The United States of America has changed, since I got out of the Air Force. Many of those changes have been for the better — if you have the money to afford what they’ve wrought. But for way too many Americans — like Shawn Olson, this young man who survived two tours of Iraq in the US Marine Corps — those changes have not been for the better.
Injured Marine

‘It’s terrible to go over to Iraq twice and come back injured, and then get injured by the police that are supposed to be protecting us,’ Mr Olsen’s roommate Keith Shannon told The Guardian, adding that he served in Iraq in 2006 and 2007 before leaving the military last year.

‘Oakland Police Department fired a tear gas canister at his head, fracturing his skull,’ said Mr Olsen’s friend Joshua Shepherd. A spokesman for Highland General Hospital confirmed that Olsen was being treated for injuries sustained during the protest. Oakland police have not yet commented.

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May he survive, and recover fully.


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