An apology to the President

is due. I said that I feared he might let BP slide without the bottom kill. He has not.
My support for him on all other fronts remains strong. Do I have quibbles? Sure
— ’cause I’m as human as the next American.

But there are political realities at play in DC that dwarf the ones I saw firsthand, up-close and
bleeding-edge personal right here in Lubbock, over the last six weeks while I was doing everything
I could do to stop Rick Perry’s political juggernaut. The ones I saw here are of sufficient ugliness to
convince me that whatever else we do as progressives, we mustn’t just sit back on the sidelines and

We must work for what we want, whether that work pays off or not.

In brighter news, it appears MSNBC is going to allow Keith Olbermann to return to the Countdown host’s
desk tomorrow. More than 250,000 signatures on a petition in less than 72 hours appears to be a big
enough effort to get the attention of a major US corporation.

If we do as much to back our President and our Congress against the onslaughts of the newly-resurrected
(by slightly more than half of slightly more than a third of voters in this country!) GOP, good things still
can happen.

But if we sit on the sidelines and sulk because we didn’t get our ponies, if we abandon the President because
we didn’t get everything we wanted RIGHT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW, if we go forward forgetting history
and refusing to stand up for the truth, we’ll get hammered. Again.

Lack of money is the least, not the greatest, of our faults. If we want Democratic leaders to stand up and show
some backbone, they have to see that we, the voters, are willing to do the same.


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    Useful. I agree.

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