Spending Cuts? Rick Perry’s Priorities All Too Clear

From Burnt Orange Report comes word that Back To Basics, a political action committee, is running an ad touting Rick Perry’s budget-cutting priorites.

Currently featured on their website, it’s a nice video explaining exactly why Texas can’t afford four more years of w2!


One response to “Spending Cuts? Rick Perry’s Priorities All Too Clear

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Hah! Good one.

    Some fair amount of just-below-public-volume speculation here in CA about what Jerry Brown will do for living quarters in Sacramento. In his first two terms he slept on a matress on the floor of a rented studio apartment, but new wife is not that sort. I expect if he tries that again he’ll be sleeping alone.

    They certainly won’t get anything really lavish, she’s pretty social but he doesn’t like high-end parties and will be more than happy to use government buildings or rented space for major functions so he can escape early. Whatever they do for their own living space, it won’t come close to Perry. Probably they won’t commute either, like Ahnold does.

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