Artificial Predators: Corporations, Especially Big Oil

For my money, it started with Ronald Wilson Reagan whose dirty backroom October Surprise deal with Iran — Iran! was just one of the stupid things he did. Reagan made a deal with people to keep Americans hostage in a foreign country. Two generations later we’re still losing GIs overseas to terrorists funded and inspired by Iran. We’re still fundamentally hostages ourselves, to corporations like BP and ExxonMobil. No mistake about it — oil, despite its destructive influence, still has its hands around our throats.


5 responses to “Artificial Predators: Corporations, Especially Big Oil

  1. grahamfirchlis

    You are right about it starting under Reagan, although he was just the puppet for others. A truly awful man, he senselessly sold out his fellow actors to McCarthy and the HUAC witchhunters and ever since he was consumed with defeating the evil Commies, nothing else mattered. His long slow slide into madness started very early, I think.

  2. BlackSheep01

    I don’t know what happened to him.
    It’s really rather sad.
    He could have done so much good.
    Instead …

  3. BlackSheep01

    helps if you add the link.

    I really do not know what happened to Reagan.

    • grahamfirchlis

      People turn loco, just like other animals. Probably can’t put a stop to that, but what we can do is stop electing them president.

  4. BlackSheep01

    aye, cap’n.

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