I wish more people heard this speech

Anderson Cooper, at the 2010 Tulane commencement. Some of those graduates came to Lubbock, after Katrina, and spent the fall and the basketball season here. They’re smart as whips, tough as nails, and they deserve congratulations.


One response to “I wish more people heard this speech

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Very nice speech.

    By all accounts, including from some people who don’t suffer fools or stuffed shirts at all, Cooper is a decent, smart and kind person. What I think he isn’t very god at is hard news reporting on a shallow-news channel, which is what he keeps trying to do.

    Like a lot of smart and reflective people, it appears that his brain is always on and that makes him stutter and stammer while he’s tryng to fit a complex issue into soundbites written by someone else. That sort of work, reading from a teleprompter, is best left to the Blitzers and Todds who don’t use a lot of higher function pathways when they work – if ever.

    I’d really like to see Cooper change to an opinion format and with less frequency, maybe three shows a week, where he can take the time to sort his thoughts and deal with just one or two stories in depth.

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