Joe Biden Responds to Joe Barton’s “Shakedown” Apology to BP

Go Give the Man a Listen — Joe Biden stood up in front of a White House Press briefing today and put paid to the notion that Joe Barton’s Congressional career shouldn’t be over already.

Vice President Joe Biden denounced Congressman Joe Barton’s (R-TX) apology to BP this afternoon, calling it “outrageous” and “astounding.”
“I find it incredibly insensitive, incredibly out of touch,” the Vice President said, “This is just not about jobs, this is just not about whether or not the water fowl is polluted and you can’t, this is an entire way of life that’s in jeopardy.”

I won’t link to Barton’s madness; I found his retraction and apology for his remark, no doubt issued at the behest of his GOP bosses, nauseating. Evidently I’m not alone:

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs echoed the Vice President’s remarks, saying that the GOP may want to reconsider Rep. Barton’s leadership role on the committee.
“It’s a delusional thing,” Gibbs, “Maybe Congressman Barton should drive to the Gulf Coast of Texas or to the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida and ask the people down there whether his opening bid should have been an apology to B.P.”
Gibbs said that when told of Barton’s remarks, the President shook his head and wondered aloud how anyone could say that.


One response to “Joe Biden Responds to Joe Barton’s “Shakedown” Apology to BP

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Barton is a huge gift. Any Democratic candidate who doesn’t run a clip of that tirade to show the differences between the parties is an idiot.

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