Who’s Got AFA’s Ear? Not Families!!!

The American Family Association is sending out emails bemoaning the inclusion of CO2 as a pollutant via the Clean Water Act.
The AFA loves them some Barna Group and Sen. Murkowski, though. You know what? I smell oil. Stinky, Gulf-blitzing, monified oil.


One response to “Who’s Got AFA’s Ear? Not Families!!!

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Had to go look these people up, can’t begin to keep track of all the whack groups. Here’s what they claim about EPA regulation of CO2:

    In a move that makes Al Gore happy but will cripple our economy, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is doing an end-run around Congress and the Constitution by classifying and regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

    which conveniently ignores the SCOTUS ruling that not only is EPA regulation of CO2 fully constitutional but under current law – as written by Congress – it is mandatory.

    They also appear to favor military supremacy over civilian control:

    Tell President Obama to listen to the troops and his own commanders… It is urgent that we instruct President Obama to listen to his military commanders….

    which is odd considering it was a military regime that crucified their God. Slow learners, I guess.

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