Wherein I Congratulate Graham Firchlis

and his fellow sensible citizens of the State of California.
Three hundred and seventy two thousand four hundred and ninety of whom voted for Orly Taitz to be the next SecState there.
Dude, that … frightens me. You sure you don’t want to come live in Texas?


One response to “Wherein I Congratulate Graham Firchlis

  1. grahamfirchlis

    People who live in glass houses….

    Lots of California, especially the Central Valley and parts of the South State are solid Republican and chock full o’ nuts. We have a reputation as a fringe sort of Lefty looney bin but we routinely elect Republican governors including some who were/are downright scary.

    Those 372,490 who found Taitz tasty are mainly Republicans, although there surely were some Independents many of whom used to be Republicans before GeeDubbya became such an embarassment, so it isn’t as though she drew broadly from the general voter pool.

    What is truly frightening from the Republicans is that the perfectly decent, intelligent, rational, experienced and likeable Tom Campbell got only 429,752 votes in his run for US Senator while the throughly repulsive, massively failed and widely hated Carly Fiorina drew 1,141,735.

    Fiorina is a gift to liberal Barbara Boxer, who would have struggled against Campbell. She’ll beat Fiorina like a cheap drum, until nothing is left but shreds. There is some upside, you see, to having so many Republican crazies.

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