Perry: FAILING to Aid Texans Deployed in Iraq

whose homes are foreclosed, auctioned, and taken away from their families, while enjoying his $125K-a-year rental manse on Texas taxpayers’ dime …

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited Iraq in July, Michael says he told him about the problem. According to Michael, Perry called May and put lawyers in touch with the Clauers’ attorney, but couldn’t do much to alleviate the situation. (Perry’s office didn’t respond to calls seeking comment.)


One response to “Perry: FAILING to Aid Texans Deployed in Iraq

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Saw this on the news and still can’t believe that people could be so cruel. Where were the neighbors? Didn’t anyone, friends, family, somebody stop in to see how she was doing with her husband gone to war? How very sad for her, to be so isolated.

    WTF is with that Homeowners Association? Bunch of crooks. If there is any justice, when it is all sorted somebody – probably several somebodys – should go to jail for falsifying documents and fraud if not grand larceny and violating federal laws protecting deployed service members.

    Not to absolve him, but it isn’t just Perry who should have come unglued here. The district US Congressperson and the state’s US Senators all have a lot of clout in this kind of setting and can lean very heavily on the baddies and the US attorney’s office if they want to. All of them should have seen to it that this mess was cleaned up and straight away, not after months of footdragging through the courts. What the hell is the point of having power if you don’t use it?

    There are some very lucky people out there, lucky for them Captain Clauer is a patient sort. Hopefully this will all sort out, and the family can pick up their lives and be whole again.

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