“We Can’t Drill Our Way Out of the Problem.”

That’s a simple truth. “We’re going to have to start moving on this transition.” Away from oil will stop things like the murder of 11 men on Deepwater Horizon. Into renewable and domestic sources of energy will stop things like the murder of 26 miners in the Massey Energy holes in the ground. This guy gets it. We need to follow where he leads.


5 responses to ““We Can’t Drill Our Way Out of the Problem.”

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Link to “this guy”?

  2. The Other Sarah

    Oh, I meant President Obama.


    Then I read about what’s going on in Norway and Alaska today and I begin to think that maybe oil is every bit, like Bill Nye suggested today on CNN, as risky as nuclear power. We’ve just gotten too used to playing house with this monster.

  3. grahamfirchlis

    I think oil is far riskier than nuclear, both in the risks of generation and the dangers from the residuum.

    But then I think nuclear ctually has a pretty good track record. The Chernobyl disaster was with a crap design, nobody but the Soviets ever built them that way and nobody does now anywhere. Three Mile Island likewise was a design flaw, since corrected and after that there have been only a few really very minor instances of radioactive escape. As a percentage of our normal background exposure they are nothing.

    Long term storage of waste gets a lot of bad press, but really yhe problems are few and the danger is all but non-existent.

    In comparison, millions of people are living downstream from dams that either are already or are becoming unstable and nobody cares. The danger from continued CO2 emissions is also very real and very awful, but try to get anyone’s attention on that these days. !0,000 scientists say anthropogenic global warming is real and catastrophic, while a handful of whackos say it isn’t and we call it a draw and do nothing

    Maybe that is the sign that humans have reached the end of their evolutionary destiny.

  4. The Other Sarah

    Have you seen the Acid Test movie?

    In light of the BP spill in the Gulf we may not have a decade left.

    The thing is I’m afraid you’re right. What species deliberately tries to wipe out its oxygen supply?

  5. grahamfirchlis

    No. Hadn’t seen it, thanks for the tip.The oceans are an enorbous sink and very good at dealing with toxins, sort of the planet’s liver, but they can only handle just so much at a time and then they get sick. We ar a virulent form of infection, and the system will in time reset itself at a point that exterminates us if we don’t figure out how to be less disruptive.

    There is a truism in ecology that all species which come to dominate a niche establish thereby the means of their own extinction. It is probable we have already done so. We might hang on for a while, we’re pretty good actually at pattern recognition compared to other earlier species when we bother to try, but we had better get better at it damn soon.

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