Deepwater Horizon: 11 Dead

Now, McClatchy reports, one of the British Petroleum employees on the rig the day it blew has refused to testify in a federal panel’s hearing, claiming the protection of the Fifth Amendment.

The move Wednesday by BP’s Robert Kaluza raises the possibility of criminal liability in the April 20 explosion that killed 11 and five weeks later continues to spew hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day.

This might be a homicide investigation already.


2 responses to “Deepwater Horizon: 11 Dead

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Oh, oh.

    Barbara Boxer has called for a DOJ investigation for federal crimes, inlcuding lying on various federal appication and certification forms. If that pans out, they’re in deep trouble and depending on how high in the food chain it goes this could turn into another Enron.


    Descriptions of the conversations held on the rig just before it blew, what tests would be done and what safety regs could be ignored, will be another key set of determinants and again, if the pressure to skip crucial steps came from upstairs – and you know it did – some big people are quite likely to go down.

    Now if we can get that jackass mine owner carted off to Stoney Lonesome, we’d have at least a modicum of justice.

  2. The Other Sarah

    I’m thinking BP might cease to exist by 2012.

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