Find Out Who Your Friends Are

“They just show on up, with that big ol’ heart …” and

My Dodge

1997 Ram Club Cab 1500

a tow chain, and 15 gallons of water, and a ride back from where my truck vomited coolant all over creation, 90 miles from home …
Some thanks are in order to all the gentlemen who’ve helped me through the last 3 days — Thanks, Graham, for watching after the blog, and my beloved, for living through the process of bringing my broken truck home from what was supposed to be a simple day trip to Abilene; my eldest son, who “hit the gas” and “got there fast” Wednesday night to get us from Snyder to Post, via a tow; Stephen, and Mr. Hernandez, for lending us the dolly to bring the truck from Post to Lubbock then to the shop with, and Mike and Kevin at the 10th and Texas McWhorter’s in Lubbock, for fixing the truck for me.

If the video I tried to paste in above still doesn’t show up, it’s on You Tube:


4 responses to “Find Out Who Your Friends Are

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Well you’re surely welcome, Ma’m, no thanks neccessary, purely my pleasure to be of service.

    From the sounds of it, I had by far the easiest duty. All I had to do was contain myself, and if I do say so I did a better than average job of that, but compared to all the others it wasn’t much.

    We’re all just glad you came through safely, and everything is put back together again. My thanks as well to all those who helped you, especially the speed of their reaction; I couldn’t have held myself in check much longer….

  2. The Other Sarah

    I have to tell you, Graham, you do more than your fair share of the work on this thing.

    Hey, whose turn is it to put up a recipe next?

    • grahamfirchlis

      Oh, without thinking I’m sure that would be mine.

      You’re very kind. Somedays though I wonder why you keep me around. Must be more disciplined, must be more….

  3. The Other Sarah

    Naw, dude, discipline’s for the military.

    And show.

    This is real. What matters ain’t spit-and-polish. What matters is quality.

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