Artist Lars Vilks attacked by Radical Muslims during free speech lecture

Swedish artist Lars Vilks was attacked Tuesday by a gang of Muslim radicals as he lectured inside a university classroom in Uppsala, Sweden. A dozen or more Muslims charged the podium where Vilks was discussing his own work and that of others satirizing and critiquing various religious claims.

The assailants claimed they acted in part out of anger over Vilks’ portrayal of Mohammed, a forbidden act under some Muslim sect’s interpretation of the Koran. This behavior is nothing more than violent suppression of free speech, and must be resisted by all right-thinking people. In keeping with our pledge to support free speech when extremists try to suppress it, here are the very Vilks cartoons they oppose:

mohammed dog cartoons Lars Vilks

Try to take away our freedom of expression, try to suppress out thoughts and words and works of art, and we will make sure they get disseminated for all the world to see.

Police reacted swiftly, intercepting the attackers before they could reach Vilks who was still injured slightly by plainclothes officers while they hustled him to safety. The assailant’s violence was so extreme that police had to use pepper spray, clubs, boot-stomps and choke-holds to repel and subdue them. Three were arrested on various assault charges. A video clip of the attack can be found here at UNT.TV.

Vilks has repeatedly had his life threatened since he published these cartoons, nothing but black lines on white paper and no justification whatsoever for violence and assassination. A bounty of $100,000 continues to be offered for killing him, $150,000 if it is done by slitting his throat. As well, two American women along with several cohorts have recently been charged for conspiring to kill him.

Vilks is being very courageous, both with his art and with his continued refusal to be censured or silenced. We can do no less in his support.

They can’t kill us all.


More about Lars Vilks and his Mohammed cartoons.

More Mohammed cartoons to copy and share.


7 responses to “Artist Lars Vilks attacked by Radical Muslims during free speech lecture


    There was an interesting article on Huffington Post about RevolutionMuslim website that issued the veiled threat against Comedy Central and South Park.

    Apparently, it is a website run by two guys who are shunned by mosques in New York.

    The interesting aspect is that Muslim groups in America generally ignore these two guys.

    But, the website is strongly anti-Semitic. It compares Israel to Nazi Germany.

    And no mainstream Muslim organization condemns this sort of bigotry, let alone condemning them for issuing a veiled threat to Comedy Central.

    You are right–they will not kill us all and we should protect our First Amendment rights.

    • grahamfirchlis

      Hey, James, howareya? Check your PoliticalChili email, please.

      I guess I’m not sure what a “mainstream” Muslim organization is; they all seem pretty nasty and reactionary to me. But some of them openly and repeatedy condemn these attacks I’m holding them all culpable, just as I hold the entire Catholic heirarchy responsible for the church’s protection and support of pedophiles.

      Now somebody has set fire to Vilks’ home. Nobody hurt and only superficial damage but still, he may want to re-think his stance on refusing police protection. Have to put up another anti-fanatic post; these damn Muslim extremists have waaay too much time on their hands.



    Not to seem funny, but I have no idea what my political chili email address is. So, I cannot check it. However, I have asked Jason for a little help on this technical issue.

    • grahamfirchlis

      Not to laugh out loud, but I did. Techno-overload, happens to us all. At Political Chili you can click on “The Chili Columnists.”
      That takes you to this page:

      where contact information is found including an email address. That’s where I sent the message.

      Is there a better alternative off-line contact point?


    Supposedly, when you send it to that address it gets forwarded to my hotmail account which is

    • grahamfirchlis

      Well, may be a hitch in yer git-along there, James. I’ll re-send it directly to your hotmail, OK? If it doesn’t show up soon, please come back and we’ll figure out something else.

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