Predatory Males’ Mayhem Continues

Girls in Afghanistan are under siege for going to school. Girls in West Texas are under siege for going through puberty. Ceiling Cat, FSM and ALL the gods know how hard it is to find a good man. The small-minded egotism of patriarchal behaviors — fearing women, hating what they fear, and seeking to destroy what they hate — takes an appalling toll around the globe every day.


13 responses to “Predatory Males’ Mayhem Continues

  1. grahamfirchlis

    From the news article, quoting FLDS awyer Randy Wilson:

    Wilson said the entire prosecution of FLDS members amounted to religious persecution.

    “Religious matters should be separate from matters of government,” Wilson said. “They are too high and holy. … All people should be free to the free exercise of religion. …

    “The government should have no more to do with the principals of religion than with the principles of mathematics.”

    Except that mathematics are actually grounded in identifiable universal constants, unlike religious beliefs that are pulled out of somebody’s ass. Differential equations never raped anybody, and imaginary numbers don’t hand out rules allowing enslavement and abuse of children like imaginary sky gods are prone to do.

    Pity the sentences weren’t longer. Does Texas have a three-strikes law? I’m not much of an advocate, but for this crowd I could be persuaded.

    • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

      Randy Wilson is an advocate for his clients and their POV. (Translation: paid douche.)

      • grahamfirchlis

        He is also an officer of the court. Advocating for a get-out-of-jail-free card for anyone who claims religious authority to break the law runs counter to every principle of jurisprudence. In essence he is supporting organized criminal behavior. He should be stripped of his license.

      • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

        Like I said — a nozzle for hire.

        A bar association / courts system with an ounce of self-respect would eject “lawyers” like this one, I’d think. Guess that’s why I never went to law school.

  2. The Other Sarah

    Please note, Graham and everybody — it’s not ALL the males. I can name several exceptions.

    But the odd thing about ’em is not a one of ’em’s a power-hungry jerk….

    • grahamfirchlis


      …not ALL the males…several exceptions….

      Absolutely. It isn’t as though I believe that ALL women are batshit insane, just because 100% of the ones I married turned out to be that way. I’m sure there are several exceptions….

      No worries, Sarah. If we can’t make the occasional rash generalization, it will take all the fun out of writing opinion pieces. Besides, everybody needs to buck up a little and not be so touchy. If somebody generalizes and it doesn’t apply to me then I should just ignore it, or argue from a general perspective and not a personal one.

      • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

        wonder if the key to the problem is the “all the ones I married” thing.

         Cause, you know, once in awhile, my beloved makes me wonder if I’m coming down with a case of batcrap-crazy.

        My ex? Certifiable — probably in the marriage before mine (that I didn’t know anything about), definitely during mine to him, and periodically in the ones after me that I got firsthand glimpses of. Now, though, he’s apparently handling himself a lot better as a single guy.

        FSM, Ceiling Cat and *all* the gods know, I’m doing better now than I did during our matrimonial tournament …. also, having my kids safely grown and beyond “visitation orders” age helped *a* *ton* with that.

        ¿ Quien sabe, eh?

      • grahamfirchlis

        the key to the problem

        Certainly is for me, thus no more marriage, too dangerous for all involved.

        I’m not talking neurotic here though, everybody has some of that; there are no sqeaky-clean psyches. They’re both certifiable, bi-polar with assorted add-ons, but also very intelligent so they were adept at covering up the symptoms. And of course for my part I saw what I wanted to see, and disregarded the rest.

        Now, with proper diagnosis and when they stay on their meds and when the meds are working properly, they are generally functional. I was, for both of them, essentially an inadequate patch on a leaky tire that eventually blew anyway.

        Seeing as how after many many dollars of therapy for my own self I remain unable to figure out how to recognize a leaky tire when I see one, it is best that I don’t take any tires at all out for a spin much less permanently strap one on.

        And yes, living with crazy will make you crazy. I don’t miss that part at all.

  3. The Other Sarah

    Working for crazy makes you crazy too. Last time I did that (I lasted three days less than six months) may have cured me of having a permanent paying job.

  4. The Other Sarah

    Over forty years’ work, the top three crazy people who were my bosses had one thing in common.
    Every single one of them was a little bit older than me, and every single one of them was a woman.

    In defense of women in general, though, I’ve also worked for some very sane, sensible, and wonderful bosses who were women. What *they* had in common was having made their way in fields usually considered male-only professions (veterinary medicine for one).

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