Criminal referral for Goldman Sachs

Everyone who is guilty, raise your right hand.

goldman sachs senate lineup

On top of the civil complaint filed earlier in the month, this looks very good in terms of there being provable criminality. The email trail certainly suggests they were running a rigged game, favored treatment for some clients who had insider knowledge at the expense of others who did not. Hopefully they will lose everything they own, and do a nice long stretch in Stony Lonesome.

It will be interesting to learn the vote tally by SEC commisioners on this referral to DOJ. The vote on the civil complaint was 3-2, with the two Republican appointees voting against. I’m still of the opinion that the Republican Party is a racketeering-influenced corrupt organization. If Obama had any balls he’d sic DOJ on ’em with RICO.


2 responses to “Criminal referral for Goldman Sachs

  1. If Obama had any balls he’d sic DOJ on ‘em with RICO.

    he should, but then people might be tempted to shine a little more light on the chicago machine.

  2. grahamfirchlis

    Nah, that’s not an issue. There’s nothing special about Chicago, the same kind of political operation goes on in every city and town in America. Compared to what the Republican Party has done / is doing the Daley machine is chump change, your average neighborhood grifter compared to Cosa Nostra, in terms of total dollars and global impact hardly worth the bother to poke at.

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