Rick Perry should send Jan Brewer roses and chocolate

every day from now until the election. Today, as the NYT reports, she signed the nation’s “toughest” immigration bill. In another of his stands for principle, President Obama denounced this law and called for immigration reform. Arizona’s own cops are divided over the worth of this travesty, which an Arizona Congressman has spoken against. It’s a huge win for the Tea Potty wing of the GOP, though.


5 responses to “Rick Perry should send Jan Brewer roses and chocolate

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  2. grahamfirchlis

    A complete travesty, but white people in AZ are terrified as they watch their majority slip away. Too insecure about their own ability to compete, they’ve decided to use terror as a tool to drive evil “others” out of the state. It won’t work.

    As to it being a win for the Reactionary Right, I don’t think so. For the moment they seem to have siezed control, but this action and others like it will only serve to force federal action which will in the end be a good thing and trump such idiocies as this on the state level.

    The sooner that happens the better, and adult leadership in both political parties are agreed it needs to be done. Persisting in persecution of Latinos is a stone loser for the Republican Party, and their responsible leadership knows that. I expect this to motivate responsible elected Republicans, of which there are few but enough, to join with Obama and the Democrats to craft a sensible path to citizenship for illegals already in the country, along with some sort of work visa program.

    These sorts of laws are the death spasms of a dying beast. Dangerous, but soon to expire.

  3. The Other Sarah

    Well, we can hope it’s dying. But somebody reminded me the other day, firsthand and unpleasantly, that all you have to be is not a WASP male to run afoul of this kind of junk.

    You know, the damn charter schools are going to ruin us. It’s the place where the fearmongers institute control and keep out the dark-skinned, the differently-abled, the too-smart or the not-smart-enough, the poor (especially THEM, that most intimidating “other” of all, the ones who don’t have enough money to go to “our” church and belong to “our” Scout troop or “our” Junior League or “our” country club).

    Well, not only am I a US Air Force vet who’s damned proud of my honorable discharge, but I’m over 50, female, and I’ve spent my life NOT being part of the country club set or the Junior League — and you know what? It’s a good life.

    What I don’t get is the left-leaning insistence that being in the military (yes, I know it’s all-volunteer now; the branch I joined straight out of high school had never been anything else, since its inception as a separate service in 1947) is the same thing as being a mercenary. I just can’t fathom that lack of faith in one’s neighbors.

  4. grahamfirchlis

    “just can’t fathom that lack of faith in one’s neighbors”

    And that will be why we’re here and not, ahem, someplace else, eh?

    The widespread passion on the Left for disparaging public service personnel including law enforcement and uniformed military is unfair, dishonest and harmful. If Code Pink had any sense, they’d spend as much time going after the Fred Phelps cult as they do going after Marine recruiters.

    We’ve talked about this before, someplace else, to little avail; maybe we need to do it more often and louder. There is a natural place for alliance between the uniformed service segment of society and Progressive goals. Very few people including cops and military enjoy killing or being killed. Anything to reduce the need for that, including more/better jobs and diplomatic success, is widely popular.

    The Left is foolish to let the Far Right lay sole claim to respect for those who willingly lay down their lives for our freedom. Country Joe McDonald has dedicated his life to opposing war while supporting the troops, especially seeing to their needs after discharge. He is the quintessential DFH, and they love him for it. If you’ve never seen a wardroom full of bandaged troops doing call-and-response to “Gimmie an F!” “Gimme a “U”! and knowing every word to the song, well, you ain’t seen nothing. We should be their strongest allies, their staunchest supporters, as they are ours.

  5. The Other Sarah


    Well said.

    I will say, of the vets I’ve met who are the most consistently anti-Bircher, though, most are USAF.
    Of the cops I’ve met who are the most consistently anti-Bircher, most are DPS/Rangers.
    Full disclosure: my interaction with LEOs outside Texas is exceedingly limited. As in, I met some cops in Shreveport the day I stood a barricade after a tornado there … they were all nice, if a bit tired and a *lot* worried.

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