Sweet Mother of Ceiling Cat, what an IDIOT

Yes, that’s the default description of Tea Potty Palin. But the clip of Victoria Jackson’s right-out-in-front-of-God-and-everybody butthattedness I’m talking about is from the Ed show today on MSNBC. How big a loser do you want to be famous for being, Ms. Jackson?


3 responses to “Sweet Mother of Ceiling Cat, what an IDIOT

  1. i’d never heard of victoria jackson [snl was great when gilda radner was there, but otherwise not so much, and i quit watching]. i dislike obamacare even more than she does, but she’s either stupid or lying about just about everything, as far as i can tell.

    obama wants to be castro — that one made me lolol.

  2. The Other Sarah

    hi, Hipparchia!

    I threw stuff at my tv when the repeat of that showed up … Palin just makes me scream and run for the channel-changer….


    I didn’t watch it, but I read that Victoria Jackson sang a song at a Tea Party protest in which she sang that a communist was in the White House.

    Not only is the remark dumb, but it is factually incorrect.

    Does anybody on the Right even know what communism or socialism is? Are they really that stupid?

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