Texas Tea : The GOP

If the Texas Republicans aren’t really too far-right for the Taxed Enough Already Party, they sure play it on TV … Kay Bailey Hutchison, Randy Neugebauer, David Dewhurst, Greg Abbott and Rick Perry all appear to be angling for Best Actor in a Lunatic Fringe Fantasy. First there’s David Dewhurst, the Lt. Gov. incumbent, out stumping for re-election against South Plains native and labor leader Linda Chavez-Thompson, and his openly anti-gay rights declarations. He gave cover to the threats of violence that caused a Tarleton State University class cancellation Saturday; Dewhurst’s bigotry didn’t just shut down the “Corpus Christi” performance he found objectionable. Threats over the phone and through email caused cancellation of all the one-act plays scheduled.

In an interview later, assistant professor Mark Holtorf said: “We received so many threatening calls and e-mails today across campus, the numbers were staggering. One administrator received in excess of 800 e-mails.
“Our department received calls of a threatening nature. I could not guarantee the safety of my students. The administration was truly behind the academic exercise, but I could not justify the safety risk.”
Read more: http://www.star-telegram.com/2010/03/27/2070798/tarleton-professor-cancels-performance.html?storylink=digger-topic#ixzz0jnCOXjfM

We all know about Randy “Baby Killer!” Neugebauer, the outspoken ill-mannered yachtsman of the Potomac. He, too, has a Democratic opponent this fall: Andy Wilson is running for the 19th Congressional District seat.

Then there’s Rick Perry, who really wants to keep his job. But he doesn’t live in the Governor’s Mansion, and Texas can’t afford to keep paying $9K a month for his rent.

In fall 2007, Perry and his wife moved out of the Governor’s Mansion and into a 4,600-square-foot house in the Barton Creek neighborhood that had been on the market for $1.8 million. The state rented the home for Perry so the mansion could be renovated.
The lease for the house at 8113 Hickory Creek Drive, which is valued by Travis County at $1.1 million, was initially for one year; the rent was $9,900. The Hutchison campaign based its statement on television news stories that quoted that figure and aired soon after the governor’s relocation was announced.
Less than a year after the Perrys moved into the rental home, the Governor’s Mansion was heavily damaged by arson. What had been expected to be an 18-month renovation became a vast reconstruction project, which is still under way.
Castle said the lease on the house now runs through October 2011. The monthly rent was lowered to $9,000 in November 2008.

We can do better; we must do better. Our students, our citizens, our immigrants, and our taxpayers all deserve better. It’s time to clean house, from Austin to DC.


3 responses to “Texas Tea : The GOP

  1. grahamfirchlis

    What a collection, eh? If those characters were in a book of fiction, no one would find them credible.

    $100K+ a year for rental housing does seem excessive, even for a governor. Too bad that doesn’t fall under the heading of “government waste” or Perry would be able to put an end to it.

  2. grahamfirchlis

    And then there’s this:


    Lubbock went 92% for McCain? You’re living in the Tea Party, aren’t you?


    Wow. I had heard that Republican Texas politics was nutty, but not this nutty.

    You know, if these guys ever came to power, like your Lt Gov, they would institute a totalitarian dictatorship all on behalf of “protecting the public” from anything not Biblical.

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