Why have we not shut down the Catholic Church?

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[Welcome FDL readers! Don’t be shy, please leave a comment.]

How bad does a long-established massive international pedophilic child abuse organization have to be? What does it take, how many hundreds of thousands of innocent children have to be defiled and humiliated and abused before the whole thing – priests, parishes, bishoprics, diocese, nunneries, the whole shebang – gets closed own and wrapped with yellow crime tape, everyone arrested, and the property seized under RICO? Do we have to wait until they roast the children alive and eat them, before anyone in authority will act?

Just because they have a really big book with black markings in it and wear dresses and funny hats and parade about in processions with great seriousness and issue declarations in a dead language and have been wrong about every single damn thing for two thousand years is not sufficient reason to keep cutting them slack. However godly you claim to be, beating and raping children as a matter of course and conspiring to cover it up is wrong. We don’t any of us need to hear any more prattling evasions and excuses from old men before concluding this is so.

The current Pope, Benedict XVI, is at the center of it, as was his predecessor Pope John Paul II. For far too many years, under John Paul’s express authority and supervision, Benedict was in charge of investigating child abuse and rape in his Holy ordained role as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and what the two of them did with their power and authority was systematically cover it all up for as long as they could. On their watch hundreds – perhaps thousands – of child rapists were hidden, protected, and set back upon unsuspecting communities and their innocent children, all the while wearing the full authority of The Church of Rome, their collar and cassock carrying the imprimatur of apostolic infallibility.

Many tens of thousands of children were raped and psychologically scared for life as a direct result of the massive, indeed catholic, cover-up conspiracy directed by Benedict. Most, perhaps all, of those crimes could have been prevented if he had turned over the criminals and the evidence against them to civil authority. He has diplomatic immunity; none of the American hierarchy of Catholic Church, all of them deeply involved in the conspiracy, are so protected nor is the church’s property, all of it employed in the furtherance of a criminal conspiracy.

The Roman Catholic Church is a cult of torture, abuse, and sexual exploitation. It has been so since the inception. For nearly two thousand years, the Papist throne has in the name of all that is holy rejected, rebuked and defiled the teachings of the god they claim to revere. Instead of worshiping the principles taught by Joshua of Nazareth, they have used their authority to enrich themselves and dominate others. Against the full list of the Catholic Church’s crimes against humanity, the evil deeds of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush – combined – amount to a mere fraction.

Other nations should do as they please. In the United States of America, in this modern age of supposed Enlightenment, no organization that provides a setting where pedophilia and child abuse can run rampant, whose highest authorities protect and cosset and facilitate the offenders, should be allowed to stand. More than enough evidence has appeared to make clear the case that this organization is not just foul with the stench of criminality, but rotten to the core with a festering suppuration of evil far too advanced to be curable. The only clear course consistent with decency and honor is to close the whole operation down, entirely, from top to bottom, arrest all those in religious authority as co-conspirators, and let the criminal justice system sort out the chaff from the wheat, if any wheat there be.

Given the knowledge now at hand, so long as our civil authorities do not shut down this malignant organization they too are complicit.


15 responses to “Why have we not shut down the Catholic Church?

  1. The Other Sarah

    It’s the same church that declares homosexuals to be vermin, remember, and abortion to be murder.

    These creaky old guys in their funny hats really do fear having to answer to anybody on earth. Time to bring forward the legal obligations.

    Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

    Jesus said, “Suffer the children to come unto me, and forbid them not.”

    Jesus said, “Whosoever grieveth one of these little ones, it were better a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were drowned.”

    The Catholic muckety-mucks have a lot to answer for, and if they’re right about God’s personality and proclivities, the justice they’ll face in the next life will be anything but negligible.

    Meanwhile the rest of us need to be protecting the kids, and calling the law — and calling the alleged grown-ups in the Catholic church to account.

    Now, mind, the same is true of other authoritarian institutions. I wouldn’t want to see outfits like the Mormon churches’ paedophiles go unscathed, nor those involved in being Scouting leaders, just to mention two.

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  3. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    It is a one sided issue.

    One hardly dares say anything at all to object to the one sidedness.

    Tailgaiters think like you. The virginia drivers manual refers to them as psychopaths with homicidal motives.

    As a catholic who joined the church BECAUSE of its commonplace love and adoration of children, large families, boychoirs, short peekaboo school uniforms and naked little angels on the ceilings, I find in my heart a desire to commit a mortal sin against your forehead with an old 88 millimeter nazi cannon.

    Trouble would be tying your head to the end of the barrel, because your head would slip out of the ties, being as pointed as it is.

    Your hatred of pedophiles (who don’t necessarily have any desire nor inclination to have physical intimacy with other poeple’s children) suggests a phobia.

    You, because of your phobia, probably a need to project your sense of guilt at having enjoyed it so much when you were a kid sitting in your confessor’s lap during catechism … Eh?

    It is a fact that for centuries, priests and nuns did the sex education parents were unwilling to do. That’s the real reason the church is under attack, to prevent it from resuming outside of public schools. It’s purely a political matter having nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.

    Your attack on pedophiles and molestors and your equation of the two suggests ignorance as well as political disinformation motives.

    Make that a 108 mm Nazi cannon.

    You’re such an ass, I think I could tie your big butt to the end of the barrel once I got your pointy head out of it.

    • grahamfirchlis

      Thank you, Kenneth Wade Wilson, for your extraordinarily expressive comment.

      Your need to obsessively fantasize about having a Big Gun is duly noted, a Big Authoritarian Gun to be precise, as is your apparent intimate knowledge of incestuous pedophilia and your unquenchable desire to do violent harm to those with whom you disagree. Altogether, you certainly present a fine example of the sort of people who make up your side of the issue.

      By all means, do come back and put yourself further on display if that is helpful to you. Meanwhile, you have my sincere sympathy for what must have been a horrific childhood and best wishes for your future. May you find an effective therapist, and a medication regimen that is helpful.

  4. blacksheepone

    Kenneth Wade Wilson,

    I do in fact see this as a one-sided issue, and the side I see is the one of justice. Children are not,
    despite your apparent prurient interest in them,
    appropriate prey.

    If you’re going to try to equate paedophiles with normalcy, so long as they remain celibate, I’m going to tell you that your argument is weak sauce. If you’re going to project a phobia on my buddy Graham, or on me, I’m going to tell you you should have a long hard look in your mirror.
    Maybe some therapy afterward.

    Now since you chose to come to an old post and put up such an argumentative comment, will you come back to explain and defend your position, or are you now in the post-cleanup phase of your exercise in self-satisfaction?

    Priests and nuns did religious instruction, and still do. If parents don’t want to educate their children about safe and rational human activity — because the church is out to create more souls to clutch to itself, maybe, or because they’ve got a deep-seated aversion to discussing sex that has come down to them through their parents and their religious education reinforcing each other — all the more reason for somebody sane to give the young people the facts.

    The real reason the church is under attack isn’t the church; it’s the predators now running it, who didn’t stop at just injuring children, but for decades covered for each others’ injuries to children. Time for that to stop, I think.

    • grahamfirchlis

      Heh. Thanks for having my back. Any bets on whether or not KWW is also a TeaPartyist? I have a mental image of him dragging around one of those cannons as an open carry. Along with a mis-spelled sign.

  5. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    Thank you for asking me back.

    I was indeed molested as a child, and I enjoyed it. She was an FBI informant and wrecked my life in other ways, however, being as she was incapable of any other kind of love than molestation after feeding me a spoon of cut heroine.

    I had numerous girlfriends and enjoyed their underwear.

    As I grew older, I grew more mature and no longer needed to satisfy my curiosity. The feelings themselves matured into more constructive pursuits suitable to my age, such as respecting other people’s prerogatives over their children. I no more want to touch your brat than I would want to steal your rolls royce. I’d rather have my own, not yours.

    Child molestation, to a wise man like myself, is not a sex crime but a crime of hijacking, kidnapping, interfereing in a child’s consistent upbringing. It’s actually molestation of the parent child relationship, a taking of liberties without permission .

    That is a crime of which government is guilty, as is my catholic church with its moral theology, a euphemism for moral extortion. Children have rights to explore as I did, and adults have rights, according to the constitution, to shoot tyrants such as molestors and Democrats.

    Let me add that if a family permits a child to have an imperical sex education and another member of that family, such as an uncle or distant cousin or inlaw wishes to do the deed per rigorous scientific methods, then the federal government shouldn’t have a g*dd*mn*d thing to say about it, nor the tax power to finance its evil intrusions into our pants.

    And you should have your lips removed for being its agent.

    I would put your lips in the same collection basket as I would keep the balls of people who molest children without the child’s parent’s permission.

    Molestors such as cops doing body searches on kids—or killing kids the state doesn’t want to feed.

    Or teachers putting their hands on the child’s belt buckle during sex ed.

    I won’t go into the human anatomy in this post. The primitive Science of your world has yet to discover juvenile sexual anatomy or even recognize its existence, you superstitious cannibal fools.

  6. grahamfirchlis

    Appreciate your providing that information, Kenneth. Since you clearly are issuing a cry for help, I have forwarded your IP and email contact information to law enforcement for followup.

    Best of luck.

  7. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    Clearly, I have upset you, as I intended, you communist pig.

    Let me suggest you leave me alone and remove all threats to persecute catholics.

    We catholics have a long history of dealing successfully with threats of genocide.

  8. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    I have decided to apologize to you for offending you. I don’t wish trouble.

    You were using hyperbole and so I used hyperbole.

    You invited my responses and I gave them. In the spirit of enjoying a good, colorful argument.

    There was no violence intended against you nor anyone else, nor am I a pedophile nor a child molestor, though I admit I am inclined to disapprove of anyone who would hound a child after it is molested, for that is what was done to me by the authorities for my entire life. My molestor was a protected informant and reported what she had done to me, maliciously, for the FBI seemed to feel my status as an adopted child made me fair game. J.Edgard Hoover was a nasty, nasty man due to a need to make himself look good by destroying others; he was a notorious homosexual, yet respected for his zeal in the pursuit of hard justice almost mafia style.

    Any seeming obsession on my part is entirely due to the fact that the informant then reported what she did to me, knowing fully well the effect it would have on my life, effectively imprisoning me in a paper prison in which I would be hounded for the rest of my life by the authorities for being something I have never been.

    Naturally, I would spend my life figuring out what is wrong with them and their kind, and you seemed to reason like them, so I lit into you.

    Fair is fair.

    Are you going to sic the authorities on me?

    If you do, I will argue in my defense if given the chance, and I am the cleverest person you’ve ever spoken to, and I haven’t even pulled out the stops here. Do we really want to take the risks of turning this blog into an actual enmity and conflict in the courts? I’ve survived a lot of trouble, including murder attempts and legal injustices. I seem to have a few guardian angels around.

    You will have to justify your actions, as will I.

    Why not let’s just call it off. I apologize if I’ve upset you to the point you wanted revenge. I thought you were enjoying the mutual flame.

    Sorry if I was wrong.

  9. The Other Sarah

    Kenneth Wade Wilson:
    I’ll back up Graham to the fullest on this.
    Mutual flames leave everybody scorched, and
    as we saw with the Murrah building, innocents
    burned and blown up as collateral damage.

    I am sorry you suffered as a child. I recommend
    strongly that you pursue counseling as an adult.

    I think it will help you to reconcile what went on
    before you were either of age or in condition to
    genuinely understand, let alone consent.

    Meanwhile, you’re welcome to bring discussion
    here, but personal threats are another matter.
    Graham and I both pointed out that the Catholic Church now struggles in the grip of a criminal
    conspiracy to cover up and further the abuse of
    unknown numbers of children by priests, and if it wishes to clear its name and restore its reputation, the Catholic church needs to make
    visible changes in how it venerates those men.

  10. grahamfirchlis

    Life is too short to spend it in pain and anger. I hope you are able to come to terms with your past, and find a way to embrace the future.

    Go in peace.

  11. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    I just want you to leave me alone. I haven’t threatened you. I’ve made fun of my own right wing character with those cannon images. It was entertaining and you admitted it in writing.

    Progressives are all alike. They can talk of shutting down the church—which would cost lives (I’m just a musician) if they tried it and end in a massacre of catholics on a huge scale—genocide—but when the right says something vaguely quacklike in retort, they call the police.

    I think if there’s a God he’s making you like this so you’ll bring a pogrom on yourselves.

    I’d really hate that. That’s not the color of right wing that I personally prefer. I like nice, peaceful right wing that doesn’t go around actually oppressing folks, even makes fun of itself like Jews do. Sort of like a curly haired neoHitler cracking yiddish jokes and schtick while handing out pastries to tightly clad kiddies by the swan lake.

    Good day to you.

    • To K.W.Wilson: I have read your comment on another blog where you claim the u.s. gov’t knows you are AnastasiaRomanov’s son, and follows you.You stat here that molesting a child is fine if done with the parents permission?You seem very troubled;I hope you find suitable relief.May God bless you with it soon.

      • blacksheepone

        check the comment string below.
        I’d avoid engagement with this person were I you.
        The instability is pretty obvious.

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