Bluegrass Monday morning wakeup

Performers you ought to know, but probably don’t.

Fans of Red Molly, of which I am one, refer to ourselves as RedHeads. And no, baldness is not prohibitory, thanks for asking.

The Stairwells are from SF, and we love them dearly.

This next singer knocked around Tennessee for several years, but didn’t catch fire until she moved to CA. The music business makes no sense. Suzie Glaze, a powerful instrument.

Todd Park Mohr is a legitimate blues god, as good as anyone has ever been. He’s easily recognized as the lead singer and guitar for Big Head Todd and the Monsters, but has been out on his own for a while and continues his good work in music and charity. Just a damn fine human being.

And to wind it up, one of the very best little known ensembles, the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Sweet, so sweet.

Spread the word, tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers; all of these performers are worthy of a wider audience.


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