Another Win for the People

The USDA has scrapped the odious National Animal Identification System!

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Friday that he would work with states to develop their own systems for tracking animal diseases. Producers would be required to participate but only if their livestock cross state lines.

This is truly a victory for small farmers and producers.
The problem with food safety in the US — and there IS a huge problem — arises out of the big factory farming operatons (CAFO) where crowding is the norm and sanitation is ignored.

Kentucky farmer and farm activist Adam Barr told one listening session:

NAIS needs to be scrapped and we need to start over. The new program should look at industrial food production, which is the source of animal disease and food-borne illness. A clear distinction should be made between factory farms and those pasture-based family farms. Industrial ag may need this program. We should let them have it. Small-scale producers for a local market do not need this program, and if it moves forward, we would like full exemption for these producers.

h/t Fire on the Mountain — an excellent blog!


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