A Year and a Day: Pyrrhic Victory?

We fought so hard to elect someone we believed would restore habeas corpus, bring back the rule of law, repeal the odious Patriot Act, stop American GIs and American governmental agencies and contractors working for the US from torturing prisoners of war in our names, shut down Guantanamo Bay’s criminally uncivilized “detention facility,” shore up Social Security and Medicare, fight for the rights of workers to organize and have decent wages in safe workplaces, rein in the lunatic frenzy of banks and financial institutions deemed “too big to fail” by George W. Bush and his government, and at long last restore some sanity to the balance between rattling sabers and caring for people.
It’s been a year and a day, and I’ll admit to being disappointed, even angry, many times in the last 12 months, with the lack of progress on the issues I cared about — indeed, on some issues, it appears we’ve been going backwards rather than forward.
Now comes the United States Supreme Court to overturn its own predecessors’ ruling barring free spending by corporations in elections, and I think perhaps we have at last heard the death knell for democracy in the USA.


4 responses to “A Year and a Day: Pyrrhic Victory?

  1. grahamfirchlis

    “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

    Sam Clemens, IIRC. The same applies to the appearance of democracy in America, assuming for the sake of your argument that any form democracy has ever existed here and I think that is highly debatable.

    The ruling is entirely expected given the court’s makeup, another GW Bush legacy that needs to be excoriated and blame properly laid at every opportunity including this one. Our Supreme Court is in the hands of agents of a Vast Right Wing Criminal Conspiracy, and until that is changed we will be plagued by more of this sort of posturing fuckwittery.

    The niceties of Constitutional prerogative notwithstanding, Roberts and Alito should never have been confirmed. Instead they should have been seized and run out of Congress on a rail, tarred and feathered, for the scurrilous liars they obviously were. Scalia and Thomas should simply have been executed on the spot. (Metaphorically speaking, to be sure; take a chill pill, DHS/NSC/FBI).

    The Left/Center of American political leadership needs to grow a spine, although I am somewhat uncertain how to do that without encouraging authoritarianism. In the instant, they are so far in the direction of anarchy that it scarcely seems a worry. More harshness, now, please.

    • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

      A year and a day ago, I was naive enough to think elections mattered. You’d’ve thought the Clinton Impeachment would’ve learnt me.

  2. grahamfirchlis

    Now, now, don’t go all faint of heart on me. Think things are bad with Obama, consider what they would be like with McCain/Palin and don’t even try to tell me there would be no difference, that this election didn’t matter. Pshaw, I say.

    Change is difficult and slow and painful and frustrating, and the institutional as well as public resistance to even modest attempts is all but overwhelming. Obama is a Conservative who ran as an incrementalist, he just sounded like a Liberal in comparison to the Radical Reactionaries we are used to. Still, his approach is a welcome difference.

    I’ve been saying since ’06 that it would take several elections in succession to turn the country around, and that even the ’08 technical majorities along with the presidency would be insufficient. Got a lot of grief for that, people shouting NOW NOW NOW, but it is true.

    The last thing we should do is lose faith now in the possibility of change. It would be like stopping antibiotics because after the first few pills you still feel sick.

    More and better Democrats remains the right prescription, and even then we will be plagued with many ills. There is no reaching a perfect fix. Our struggle is a process, and while we have goals we can’t realistically expect to ever reach a destination.

    Our options are to give up or struggle endlessly until we die, hoping that others who come after will continue the fight and that we’ve helped them to do that through our example. Some days that is more difficult to sustain than others, unquestionably, but no slacking allowed – especially when things look grim. Always remember, you are not alone.

  3. The Other Sarah

    Must admit, based on his words of the last 36 hours, the President appears determined to find a way around this bit of USSC jerkoffery.

    Dunno about more and better Dems, at this juncture, given that some large proportion of what we have now votes like Repubs. It’s not really a 59-41 count, if you go by the votes.

    Better Democrats, for sure.

    Oh, and GEAUX SAINTS!!!

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