Dominican Republic: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, is trying to send aid to Haiti. The nation is also bringing injured survivors out of Haiti to its hospitals.

According to MSNBC, hundreds of vehicles are coming over land from the Dominican Republic — the US has put a full stop on flights originating in the US to the Port-au-Prince airport, and rerouting to the Dominican Republic — heavy equipment, orange-uniformed volunteers, ambulances, emergency water and food. The correspondent (Tom Yammas [sp?]) on the ground says it looks like Biloxi after Katrina (except with help coming).

On the plus side, one UN staff member (a guard) has been rescued from the HQ where the whole staff was feared lost. Confirmations of casualties there continue.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters that the rescue was “a small miracle” and that frantic search efforts were on for the 200 or so U.N. personnel still missing.
Ban said 36 U.N. personnel were confirmed dead.
“Many continue to be trapped inside U.N. headquarters and other buildings,” said Ban, noting that includes the U.N.’s mission chief, Hedi Annabi, and his chief deputy, Luis Carlos da Costa. “Other peacekeepers and civilian staff from many member states remain unaccounted for.”

If you can help, even with a $5 or $10 donation sent via text message on your cell phone, please do.

If you’re listening to MSNBC they’re talking about not clicking email links or doing web searches for ways to donate,
because (scumsucking profiteers) con artists and virus makers are using those methods to infiltrate, attack, counterfeit and hijack donations.

The places to go? home pages like the ones for the Red Cross/Red Crescent, Mercy Corps, or Shelter Box. Secure donations can be made there, or you can find toll-free numbers to donate.

Al Roker says officially 7,000 Haitian earthquake victims’ bodies have now been buried.
Michelle Kosinski says the president of the DR has ordered all hospitals along the border to assist Haitian victims.


4 responses to “Dominican Republic: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Hope you’re cross-posting this all somewhere.

    I keep thinking I’ll put up one of the other topics I’ve been noodling around but in the face of human tragedy with this magnitude everything else seem so trivial to consider, to write on it somehow a betrayal. Life elsewhere goes on, and when this sadness recedes the other problems around us will remain. So many troubles, so little time.

    The news this evening has all focused on the shortfalls in the rescue effort thusfar, without much explanation that the whole of Haiti’s advanced infrastructure, bridges, roads, the main airport, radio stations, water system, sewage, the whole shebang, has been destroyed. I wonder how long it will be until someone on the VRWC/MSM decides to call Haiti “Obama’s Katrina,” never mind all the differences. Expect the Lefty Obamaphobes to join the chorus.

    • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

      Significant differences should be pointed out now, then, IMHO. First: Haiti is not a US City. Second: Twice, Haiti elected a President of its own. Both times the man was subsequently deposed with the help of the US (and both times, a Bush was president). Third: As Pat Robertson’s inhumane commentary reminds us, historically, Haiti has received the back of our hand when what it needed was to be lifted up in good hands.

      • grahamfirchlis

        Democrats seem to be self-restricted to counter-punching. They’ll wait until the meme is well established, then send out someone tongue-tied to make a garbled defense.

        Noam Chomsky laid out a brief history of Haiti, detailing continuous US perfidity from the time of our own founding. No one has clean hands in this mess.

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