Sarah Palin the gift that keeps on giving

In their unending effort to support barrel-bottom scrapings, Fox “News” has hired Sarah Palin to provide “commentary” and “analysis” of something, sometimes, but not regularly but kind of more or less when she feels like it and stuff. Palin was a significant contribution to McCain’s electoral failure. Trotting her out to spew gibberish is a huge benefit to the Democrats as well as to Liberals, because next to her anyone seems reasonable and rational.

palin on fox

You can hear the whole debut performance over at Fox, seems I’ve misplaced the link somewhere, but here’s an unofficial transcription of the, ahem, nut of what she had to say:


Bill O’Reilly: Why do Liberals hate you?

Sarah Palin: They hate me for my message, Bill, the one that is all common-sense solutions for decent Americans instead of that way-out stuff the Liberals are always shoving down our throats. If big government with their big debts would just stop trampling on the rights of big business and let the free market hand move things around plus stop taxing the rich people who make us all the jobs that would be a real benefit and a help and make everything better according to God’s plan as it says in the Bible the Founders relied on then lions will lie down with lambs and that would really help out in these times where jobs are scarce ‘cause more lambs would mean more lamb chops on more American tables and then we would be just a whole bunch safer with those lions just lying there they could be shot and done away with easy like you wouldn’t even need helicopters like we have to use on the dangerous wolves up there in Alaska where I’m from and the people, and the state, up there they are really something there, Bill.


Or words to that effect.

Sources close to Palin, speaking anonymously because they aren’t authorized to comment on the subject, are denying rumors that she has formed an exploratory committee looking at a run for the Presidency during the 2010 election because she doesn’t want to have to wait until 2012. “Sarah is completely focused on her new job with Fox,” insisted one, saying Palin will only contemplate quitting one thing at a time.

Some other people have opinions too.


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