Melanie Morgan goes off the air!!!!!!!

Spocko must be doing the happy dance.


I know I am.

For those who missed the last few years, it was blogger Spocko who led the charge to disrupt Melanie Morgan’s hate talk radio in her home area of San Francisco. After starting and sustaining (in the face of horrific censorship) a campaign to make her sponsors aware of the hatred she spewed, 28 advertisers dropped her show. Eventually KSFO declined to renew her contract, to much joy in this part of the world.

Now Morgan has announced she’ll be leaving radio entirely, for “health reasons” what ever that might mean. The buzz out here amongst those in a position to know is alcoholism but hey, just a rumor, and I only report it because it would be irresponsible not to. Although that would explain a lot of her behavior.

No ill wishes, of course not. Godspeed on your recovery, Melanie, and may sobriety bring you enough clarity to see how much evil you have done – and the courage to repent.


2 responses to “Melanie Morgan goes off the air!!!!!!!

  1. The Other Sarah


    Would that such self-awareness could overcome Limbaugh and Beck …

    (or they’d get kicked off radio for the rest of the nation’s mental health!)

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