Y’know, sometimes, being a football fan just sucks.

First there’s the Mike Leach vs. Texas Tech vs. ESPN mess, then there’s the awful thing that happened to Wes Welker in a Patriots game. Of course Tom Brady’s now expected to play for the Patriots with at least one broken rib and a broken finger… Oh, and how are these things related? Welker’s a Tech grad…


4 responses to “Y’know, sometimes, being a football fan just sucks.

  1. grahamfirchlis

    Welker is good guy, a total professional on and off the field and a joy to watch. Saw a replay of the injury and it looked much worse than it turned out to be. If my knee was bent like that I’d have to carry my lower leg with me in a bag. From all reports he should be good to go next season, and that is very welcome news indeed.

    • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

      Oh, Graham, what an understatement! Wes Welker’s one of the good guys.

      He was one of the receivers who put Mike Leach and the TTU Air Raid on the nation’s radar in college football. The story of how he got on the team is priceless. He wasn’t even invited to the coaches combine after he graduated, didn’t get an audition for the NFL.

      He plays football in much the same way Audie Murphy soldiered.

      From the Daily Toreador (Texas Tech’s school newspaper):

      He holds the school record for the most career all-purpose yards and receiving yards with 5,370 and 3,069 yards, respectively. He ranks second in Texas Tech school history with 259 receptions. Welker’s 21 career-receiving touchdowns are tied for third all-time in school history. He also rushed the ball 79 times for 456 yards and 2 touchdowns. Welker holds a piece of the NCAA record books for most career punt return touchdowns with eight. He also holds the NCAA records for most punt returns in a season with 57 in the 2002 season and most career return yards with 1,761. His 1,099 receiving yards in his senior season ranks fifth most all-time in school history. Welker’s 97 receptions in 2003 rank second all-time in school history, behind Taurean Henderson (98). He holds the team record for most receptions in a single game with 14. In the professional ranks, Welker is known for his willingness to do anything to help the team win. In 2004, he became the second player in NFL history to return a punt and a kick, kick a field goal and an extra point, and record a tackle in the same game.

      Wikipedia notes this about him: Out of high school, Welker was not recruited much as he was considered to be too small to play at the college level. However, after a recruit at Texas Tech backed out of his scholarship, it was offered to Welker.[3] Said Welker of the experience:

      “I was thinking I’d get a scholarship somewhere. When it didn’t happen when it was supposed to, on signing day, I was pretty hurt by it. … In the end, I don’t think I could’ve picked a better school than Texas Tech.”[4]

      Hard not to like a guy like that.

      I hope he gets all the way well, and comes back to the NFL for a long and even more distinguished career.

  2. i am possibly the world’s most ardent football anti-fan [except maybe for treat like these], but i can sympathize, and wish you a happy new year too.

    ot, you wouldn’t be willing to install a preview feature for comments by any chance, would you?

    • g2-37190d24041196ff0ae862db799fb502

      Heh. Football wasn’t the point of the post on Wes Welker; he’s really a good guy. Football actually had / has very little to do with the Leach situation, either. That’s $$$ and ego, all the way.

      Preview? I’d be willing. Putting one in without screwing something else up, now, may take a little while.

      Other than that, how’ve you been? Aside from being busy as a one-armed paperhanger in an octagonal room with a clerestory … we’re all fine here, thanks. /Han Solo

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