Winning a Bowl Game, One Incredible Move at a Time

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Alamo Bowl catch

That receiver’s name is Lyle Leong. He’s from Abilene. He caught that ball from Tech backup qb “Sticks” Sheffield in the 2nd half of the Alamo Bowl game Saturday night. That particular receiver ordinarily serves Tech QB Taylor (Nick) Potts as a BFF the way Wes Welker does for Tom Brady, but on Saturday night Potts hurt his non-throwing hand in the 3rd quarter. That cornerback, if my copy of the MSU roster’s accurate, is a redshirt freshman who stands 6-1: Mitchell White.

I wonder now if maybe, since Michigan State had a significant reduction in starters and contributors due to a disciplinary matter between the time they were invited and the time the bowl kicked off, ESPN personnel thought a little controversy at Tech might make the storyline for the bowl game more interesting and draw in viewers? Craig and Adam James kept saying they never asked Tech to fire head coach Mike Leach (as Troy Palomalu’s shampoo commercial suggests, though, I think the “ask with your eyes” vibe was unmistakable here. Did Craig James know he was egging on a firing the Tech administration had planned since Leach’s contract negotiations in January 2009? Quien sabe?).

If you look at Leong in the photo above, though, it gives you a sense of the kind of receivers Tech has available — or has had, lately (Michael Crabtree and Wes Welker are a couple you might’ve heard of, too). Kinda makes you wonder if Adam James might’ve been playing as little as he did because … he wasn’t as good, doesn’t it?


3 responses to “Winning a Bowl Game, One Incredible Move at a Time

  1. grahamfirchlis

    When the guy you’re trying to cover can jump higher than your head, it is going to be a long day. Poor kid from Michigan looked like a stump.

    Coach Leach will come out of this fine, he’s wicked smart and creative and somebody will take him on, hopefully in a better atmosphere than this last gig.

    As for why they kept talking about it, well, it involved One of The Media so it must be the mostest importantest thingies going on dontcha know, because it is always all about them.

    Troy Palomalu’s shampoo commercial? Mmm-mm, girl, where is your mind?

  2. blacksheepone

    Michigan State, yeah, and that poor kid’s a redshirt freshman. MSU had its own hoo-ha prior to the bowl, too.

    Makes me wonder if CJ thought he’d spin a little controversy to raise the ratings, and it got away from him…

    Here’s to next year and better treatment of all student-athletes everywhere, eh?

    Oh, and Palomalu’s shampoo commercial is the funniest thing I’ve seen on the NFL all year. It’s for HeadNShoulders, and he’s having a conversation with some ESPN-interviewer type named Trent…

    But, give him his due: Palomalu does have pretty hair.

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