New Year’s Day in California, 2010

California is going to hell in a hand-basket, except for the weather. With the reins to that bit still firmly in Mother Nature’s hands, we continue to canter through heaven.


Started taking down the Christmas Yule decorations at my mother’s house and was surprised by this lone variegated camellia flower. We’ve had intermittent rain, cold and a few warm days, apparently enough warmth to fool this bud located near the house into thinking spring had sprung.

Lovely things, camellia flowers. Here’s a Georgia-O’Keefe-esque close-up of the ruffled central corolla:


Not as surprising is this “Christmas” cactus, since the plant began showing buds at Thanksgiving time. The flowers are an almost fluorescent magenta, and sadly the wonder of them exceeds my photographic ability.


Winter-time in California is indeed brutal, but somebody has to live here.


5 responses to “New Year’s Day in California, 2010

  1. The Other Sarah

    wow. really, really beautiful!!

    Missed my first Rose Parade in my memory yesterday. :p

  2. i dropped by to play your collection of yule videos [because i swear i can see the days getting longer] and saw the link to this post. happy new year.

    the variegated camellias are among my favorites… until the blooms die. what a mess on the ground they make.

  3. grahamfirchlis

    Hey Hipparchia, Happy New Year to you. Pleased that you enjoy the music.

    The days are indeed getting longer, apparently the feasting and drinking to excess did the trick again in spite of potential interference by all that Judeo-Christian mythological nonsense.

    Camellias are messy. I try to plant mine over ground cover, so the dropped flowers turn naturaly into fertilizer of just the right composition for future growth. I’m also a bit of a compulsive about dead-heading, each time I walk past I pinch off the fading blooms and toss them to the back of the bed. I dunno if that actually helps anything, supposedly it makes the remaining blooms last longer, but I like to fool myself into thinking I have some shred of influence over something and this is a handy low-cost way to bolster that delusion and bonus, the plants never complain about my interference.

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