Health care reform nightmare darkens

Watching the House was painful enough, but the Senate brought American governance to a whole new low of discord and venality. Leftists are at each other’s throats, with many opting for abortive euthanasia rather than see the gestation continue, while the Radical Reactionaries chew on each other’s legs over how many angels can piss on the head of a pin and other imponderables including the limits of what fungible might mean regarding insurance coverage for abortion.

Greedy BlueDogs line up like junkies at a crack house for their unfair share of kickbacks and earmarks while those offered nothing for their vote howl at being forced to be honest. As things move forward from here, Reid must reach out to Pelosi for her lipstick and try to make this pig of a bill look less swinish, while Obama soberly contemplates what his life would be like if he had just taken that cushy token big law firm job with the cool title and a nice quiet corner view office.

About all the good that will come out of this is that Joe Lieberman has finally extruded the black ooze that sits in place of a soul for all to see, and the American people are getting an education on the real process of making legislative sausage. Maybe these things will turn out to be for the greater good after all. An informed electorate is an empowered electorate, and an angry informed empowered electorate might finally get off their collective lazy butts and do something about forcing government to be more responsive. Or not.

Sweet dreams, everyone.


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