Second FLDS child rapist convicted in Texas

And another one bites the dust!

Child rapist Allan Keate, 57, was convicted by a Schleicher County jury in ELdorado, Texas, for his rape of a 15 year old girl to whom he had been “spiritually wed” at the FLDS cult’s Yearning For Zion compound. The girl later gave birth at age 16, and DNA as well as FLDS records named Keate as the biological source of the impregnating sperm. Keate faces possible life imprisonment at a future sentencing hearing before the same jury.

Raymond Jessop, also an FLDS member, was convicted of the same charge with a different victim in an earlier trial that featured damning testimony from Rebecca Musser, a female former FLDS member who had escaped the cult’s grasp.

Musser testified again in the Keate trial, reviewing for the court the absolute authority male leaders hold over every activity of female members including the most private. According to FLDS teachings, male members control the relationship between women and girls and their god, whom only specially “sanctified” men may address. The cult is a strict patriarchy with leaders such as the so-called Prophet Warren Jeffs directing women and girls as to dress, behavior, who they will marry and when, and commanding them to have sexual intercourse even against their own wishes.

Men’s commands are to be followed exactly and without question. As Musser testified, Jeffs demanded complete and absolute obedience at all times:

”I didn’t have any trouble getting along, except when I wasn’t perfectly obedient to him.”

Jessop received a ten-year sentence for his rape. Here’s hoping the Keate jury is less forgiving.


2 responses to “Second FLDS child rapist convicted in Texas

  1. The Other Sarah

    Thanks for keeping up with this!
    Real life has not taken its teeth out of my hindquarters in over a month, and I didn’t even know they’d convened the second trial yet.

  2. grahamfirchlis

    Tracking the FLDS has been a life-long hobby and it is extremely gratifying to see somebody someplace finally put these %#@holes where they belong, which is in prison. Entirely my pleasure to track, and when those bitemarks heal by all means please weigh in with your take.

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