Congratulations Longhorns!!!

The University of Texas Longhorns, by the grace of their kicker, Hunter Lawrence, have beaten the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers 13-12 for the football championship of the Big XII Conference.

Colt McCoy’s college career will end, fittingly, in the Rose Bowl.

You have to understand how deep the loathing runs in TTU alumni (Beat the Rush: Hate Texas Early bumper stickers are already on sale at my alma mater for the 2010-11 football season) for the ‘Horns (Saw ‘Em Off!) to understand exactly how proud I am of the Longhorns tonight — they will play ‘Bama for the National Championship.

The 2009 ‘Horns avenged themselves for the wonderful play Grant Harrell and Michael Crabtree pulled off a year ago in November during the first conference game the Mad Scientist and the Red Raiders had played since OU slaughtered then No. 2-ranked Tech last December in Norman. This year Taylor Potts and the Raiders, playing at home, stomped the Sam-Bradford-less Sooners nearly as flat.

Star-Telegram Photo

Oh — and the gravy? Tim Tebow & company got beat today.


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