Raymond Jessop has a purty mouth

Raymond Jessop has a purty mouth.

Raymond Jessop, convicted child rapist
Raymond Jessop, convicted child rapist

He also has a conviction for sexual assault of a minor child, by a jury that took less than two hours for deliberation before returning the verdict.

[background on this case, and on the FLDS in general, can be found here and here.

Jessop is facing a possible 20-year prison sentence, to be decided by that same jury of Texans who had little doubt about his culpability. Maybe this time they’ll stay out long enough to get a free lunch. Maybe not.

Whatever the sentence, it is sure to be long enough that Jessop will have a chance to experience what it is like to be on the receiving end of exploitive attention while trapped in an environment from which there is no escape. Justice, finely ground, and thank you citizens of Texas for doing your civic duty.


9 responses to “Raymond Jessop has a purty mouth

  1. blacksheepone

    Thanks, Graham.
    I’m still processing the other news out of Texas yesterday. My son has friends at Ft. Hood, one of whom was in the ER with her 3-month-old daughter, who has pneumonia, when the shooting victims (my son’s friend’s fellow soldiers) began arriving….

    My kid brother used to be stationed there.

    I’ve got friends in Temple from my days in public health.

    But the good people of Eldorado know rape when they see it, regardless of what lawyers want to claim. May every last “man” among the FLDS “elders” facing trial find themselves in TDCJ custody, pronto. And may the tender mercies of their fellow inmates toward known child rapists apply in full.
    (For those of you who find this distasteful, consider what Jessop did to that child. For those of you who find my stand arrogant, consider that this sick jerk used God as his justification for raping a 15-year-old girl in the name of “spiritual marriage.”)

    In Texas inmates — or parolees — don’t tend to stop at sexual assault when dealing with child rapists. Last case of this I covered firsthand, a guy took a pipe wrench to the jerk who’d cornered a seven-year-old in a bathroom. About a week later they found the body under a refrigerator — it had started to stink.

    Tell me that the Mormon Church, which tolerates Jessop, Jeffs, and the rest of these sick jerks as an acknowledged “offshoot” of theirs, and which funded the campaigns to deny the right to marry to same-sex couples in California and Maine, deserves a pass regarding these … jerks. Go ahead — try and make me believe anything about this cult, in its parental form or its “breakaway” nutjob subcult, ought to be let survive.

    • grahamfirchlis

      Sad business. I have nothing useful to say about it, other than to wonder how it can be that a madman can hide in plain sight while surrounded by mental health professionals.

      Hope your son’s friends are OK.

  2. blacksheepone

    Appears she will be fine, herself. Child still ill, as of last report (early this am local time).

  3. grahamfirchlis

    Oh, Lordy Lordy.

    Hope the child recovers. Young protoplasm is almost always a benefit, Day 5 of a common cold and I know I wish I had me some.

    As to your comment, oh dear. You know I love you but I have to say, lord/goddess almighty it won’t do to wish for the deaths of others. Hatred corrupts those who carry it, as does vengeance overwrought. It is not for the salvation of others that we should neither hate nor seek excessive vengeance, but for the sake of our own salvation/soul/well-being.

    I don’t wish Jessop, or anyone else, death by the hand of the State or those under its control. The accuracy record of American justice and the death penalty is not good -Texas no better and no worse than anywhere else – and it is for me a moral wrong that we as a civilized society should ever collectively decide to execute in cold blood another human being.

    That said, I do think justice would be served if the dominating Jessop were to be educated into the painful reality of subjugation but I want him to live long enough to learn the lesson – if he will. In that regard, I am not particularly picky about the methodology. The unavailability of lube in prison is indeed unfortunate, but I trust he will learn to save his dinner-time pat of butter.

  4. blacksheepone

    Hmm. No, what I mean is, this criminal cult — and that’s what it is — needs to be denied all the benefits we give churches without an eyeblink.

    As does, IMO, a raft of other sects. But I’d spend weeks listing ’em to no avail.

  5. grahamfirchlis

    RICO, anyone?

    In Short Creek the state took over the financial assets of the FLDS United Effort Fund, essentially the communal funding for their criminal enterprise, and put it in the hands of a secular receiver to manage for the benefit of contributors, including former as well as current members. But passive-agressive behaviors and obstructive legal challenges by the FLDS have turned a well-intentioned act of fiscal responsibility into a nightmare.

    Instead of trying to manage their assets, it may be better to sieze them outright as ill-gotten gains.

  6. blacksheepone

    RICO for the win, my brother.

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