Trick or Treat: Democrats Speak!

Joe Biden said of his role advising the president, “I’d be surprised if he publicly dismissed anything I had to say, number one. Number two, look, I knew when I signed on as vice president that he is the president. The only thing, the only guarantee I got, and that he’s kept, is that I get the opportunity on every important decision to be in on the deal, to give him the benefit or lack thereof of my opinion.”

Then there’s what he said in Prague:
PRAGUE — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. had a blunt response on Friday to the latest broadsides from former Vice President Dick Cheney: “Who cares?”

A media blog reported Biden’s “dismissive” remark actually went a bit further:
“Who cares what –”

Then Joey the Shark stopped himself.

One of the things I like about the Obama administration is its lack of reluctance to treat its predecessors with the decorum the media and Beltway insiders prefer giving Republicans.


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