Bye week coming, Cowboys win

Miles Austin has a franchise day despite losing the ball twice in the end zone.
Just goes to show, on any Sunday …

But, yeah. This should not have had to go to OT. Sam Hurd and Miles Austin both let TDs get away from them; Austin had the ball in his hands in the end zone twice, and couldn’t hold on.

Austin set a club record with 250 receiving yards, eclipsing the previous mark held by Hall of Famer Bob Hayes, who had 246 on Nov. 13, 1966. Aside from catching the winning score, Austin put the Cowboys ahead late in the fourth quarter on a 59-yard touchdown reception.

Although the postgame Tony Romo sounded like the Tony Romo who made me care about this team again, for the first time all year.

Good night alive, the Patriots got beat today (snicker, snicker, snicker — by the same Denver team that beat my Cowboys last week). David Carr, who used to play for the Houston Texans, got some reps for the Giants today as Eli Manning came out to rest his plantar fasciitis (that stuff is painful and he needs to take care of it). Detroit scared the living daylights out of the Steelers today, including a Pick Six; but the Lions’ new kid QB was knocked out early in the first half, and the Steelers have seen, and beaten, Daunte Culpepper too many times before.

The Texans came up short, and the Eagles won.

Don’t look now, but the Bengals are … wait, what? Winning? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, they are.
By the razor-thinnest of margins with last-minute (often, last half the last minute) heroics, but winning. They currently lead the AFC North. Good for them. Condolences to their coach, Mike Zimmer, who’s loss this week of his wife to cancer affected not just the coach and Cincinnati players, who gave him the team ball in a locker room remarkable for the number of tear-streaked faces it contained, but also the hard-boiled NFL Network analysts, including the entirely-too-full-of-himself Deion Sanders.

And last night the Texas Tech Red Raiders started second-string QB Sheffield ’cause designated A-lister Taylor Potts is still out with an injury and … they ended up with the 3rd-stringer, a redshirt freshman who hadn’t played in a ball game since his sophomore year of high school because of knee injuries, throwing (yet another) TD. Tech slammed the Kansas State Wildcats 66-14.

No bye week for the Red Raiders.


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