Sometimes You’ve Got To Go Against The Grain

AP Photo

AP Photo

I’m sticking with the Cowboys — even when they lose, and even when it’s Arkansas using the new house to beat a foe about the head and ears, it is tough not to like Tony Romo. It’s tough not to like Marion Barber III. It’s really tough not to like Jason Witten. I’m holding out for the Cowboys to beat Emmit Smith’s prediction and for  Tony Romo to keep his job — but not so much do I retain my faith in the Texas Tech Red Raiders, because despite Saturday’s  win, I think their backup guy (who won Saturday) might be better than their starter.

I also think Tony Romo is better than a bus driver, and I’m about to ditch Miles Austin from my fantasy team. He couldn’t run a route today any better than Terrell Owens all last season, and if he’d been where he was supposed to there wouldn’t have been that interception at the Denver 6. There’d’ve been a TD.

I could go on, but I’m really not in the mood to right now.  I recently had my half-century birthday, and I’d’ve gladly swapped that stadium-full of pink-clad Raider fans a disappointment at the hands of the Lobos for a win in Denver today.

On the other hand, Matt Schaub and the Texans may be getting their act together, and Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints appear to be on a roll.


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