Not the best football weekend ever

What with the Horns beating up on my alma mater, the Giants beating the Cowboys (you know, Felix, you coulda held onto that football. Oh, and Jason: If you’re gonna spike a pass you missed, don’t back-kick it to your defender!) and my fantasy football team doing … nearly as well as the real-life teams I follow … I can hardly wait for next week. Note to Mike Leach: Taylor Potts is NOT the next Graham Harrell. He might even not be the next Sonny Cumbie. Fellow ‘Boys fans: Tony Romo doesn’t usually have two games this egg-sucking-dog bad in a row, so next week should be better.

Giants fans: Your team played a really good game tonight.

Longhorns fans: If Sam Bradford stays out another week y’all should be No. 1 in the Big XII. Where in the world did you find that defense?

Note to Michael Crabtree: you ain’t as good as you think you are. Suck it up and get into uniform,  or admit you’re not NFL material now. Since you dropped out of college after your sophomore year, and the overseas league isn’t interested in you, you should seriously reconsider holding out for next year’s draft. A year of doing nothing will not look good on your resume, and whatever your sports agent’s shining you on with, it’s not your best interests. You’ll be really lucky to make the practice squad if you don’t hurry up.


4 responses to “Not the best football weekend ever

  1. grahamfirchlis

    We’ve kept one ey half-cocked at Crabtree, and I don’t much like what I see. The Niners are 2-0 with a heckofa good coaching staff and not a prima donna in the bunch; maybe we should keep it that way.

    Turns out the reason Crabtree’s agent is telling him to hold out is that a bunch of teams have been whispering they’ll pay whatever he wants in next year’s draft. It is called tampering, and the Niners have caught the Eagles red-handed. We probably won’t get Crabtree, but we’re gonna get some picks from the Eagles.

    Meanwhile, my Cal Bears are 3-0 and rolling like thunder, all the way up to #6. USC looks weak against the run, and we can flat pound it. This could be the year we make it back to the Rose Bowl. If we can do that AND crush Stanford in the Big Game, it will be a year to remember forever.

    If all we do is crush Stanford, it will still be a damn good year.

    Oh and, the Raiders also won. Maybe it wasn’t the best football weekend ever, but sitting out here it still looked pretty good. Must be a perspective kinda thing.

  2. Crabtree wasn’t all that and a bottle of pop when he wasn’t a Palinesque quitta.

    The league has announced the 49ers charged the Jets with tampering — I hadn’t heard about the Eagles doing so.

    (They need a WR? why? I’d think they’d be after a qb with McNabb hurt … oh, wait. Michael Vick.)

    Most weeks I’m good with UT winning. If I was smart I’d celebrate that the ‘Horns are highly ranked, and wait for a trouncing of the Sooners to put a finish on the season.

    Most weeks the Texans win would’ve been good news for me too — it looks like they did to the Titans (booo! hiss!!) what the Giants did to the Cowboys.

    That’s the thing, though. I just watched two games all weekend I gave a rip about and my guys busted out of ’em both. Oh well.

  3. grahamfirchlis

    Suppose I should pay closer attention when people whisper in my ear about something that only vaguely interests me; it was the Jets, not the Eagles, on whom the Niners think they have the goods.

    That same voice is whispering there are several other teams who have been back-door chatting with Crabtree’s agent, so stay tuned for more fireworks.

    As to Crabtree’s talent, he had big college numbers but we’ve all seen plenty of schoolroom studs who crumpled when they had to go up against adult males. He should have taken the money offered and been glad for it, then proven himself on the field to earn more. This dance leads me to thinking that he isn’t at all sure of his ability to compete, so he wants the cash up front. The Niners shouldn’t giv it to hime, and as the weeks slide by they should sharply reduce their offer.

    We haven’t had much to cheer about for major sports teams here for a long time; if it wasn’t for Cal rugby, pickings for any sort of sport would be slim indeed. This year the Niners are pretty good, maybe enough to get to the playoffs, the Raiders aren’t totally awful and Cal football is smokin’.

    Of course the Cal team are still children, brains incompletely formed, and they have the dual burden of carrying a full course load at one of (if not THE) most academically rigorous and challenging universities in the world, so they could crumble as they have in years past and not live up to the promise but hopefully this will be The Year when it all comes together.

    Your Cowboys, much as it pains me to say it, have a lot of talent and they will win more games than not before the season ends. Need to get in my digs at them now, while I have the chance.

  4. My Cowboys need to start playing together …

    and Crabtree signed today.

    Watching the rerun of the Vikes/Packers. Damn, Brett Favre is a-maz-in’.

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